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Rob & Yvonne
After all our travelling we now live in Napier, New Zealand, and we love it here. It's known as the Art Deco capital of the world.

We both love travelling, see our Travels page for details of some of the trips we have done.

Our interests over the years has been varied, out current number one is interest is travelling around NZ in our motorhome.

This photo was taken in Seattle, July 2012.
We hope you get as much enjoyment sharing a few of our travels and adventures as we did. We have been very fortunate to gain these experiences over many years, always thoroughly enjoying them.

Our travel experiences, by land, by sea and by 'plane have mostly been very good, and if not good in certain instances, at least they have been interesting.

The many people we met on our travels have been great, extremely friendly and warm-hearted. Without singling out any specific people, the Americans and Canadians were certainly the most hospitable, especially the people from the Southern Eastern states, such as North and South Carolina.

Our travels continue and our website is constantly updated, when I feel in the mood!

Use the links above to share some of our tales and some of our photos.

If you want to email, my address is rovonz(at)outlook.com.